Monday, May 14, 2018

A foreign friend living in Malaysia sent this to me, very true and inspiring, worth sharing:


I have been following Tun Mahathir's speech lately and I find them to be so inspirational in many ways.  Leave your upcoming election aside.  Let's talk about lessons we can learn from him.

Lesson No 1. Age
Age is just a number.  Successful people do not worry about their age.  It doesn't define who they are, their ability to think and act.  When you are passionate about something you can find all the energy and brain to pursue your purpose untill your last breath. 

Lesson No 2. Master of Your Own Destiny 
Almost every other day, there is someone talking about Tun Mahathir's age, his ability to think and decide, and the mistakes he made in the past.  But nothing hinders him or slows him down.  He knows exactly what he wants and ignores all the perception that won't help him in achieving his goals.  He teaches us, "be the master of your own destiny", don't let others decide your destiny. 

Lesson No 3. Warrior Minded
Warrior is someone who is ready to die in order to win.   So, going not only the extra miles, but whatever distance it takes.  You don't stop.  You don't give excuses.  You don't run away from challenges.  You take the bull by its' horn. Indeed, we see in our own eyes how Tun M faces people, his arch critics and his preparedness to face anyone anytime.  A true leader is a true warrior in every aspect.

Lesson No 4. Leader is Reader.
A reader is not necessarily a leader but a leader is certainly an ardent reader.  Why even at age 93, he speaks so eloquently and impactfully?  It's because he reads a lot to keep himself abreast with all the necessary knowledge and information.  Knowledge is power. 

Lesson No 5. Power to Persuade
As leader your ability to persuade is extremely important.  Just look at Tun M as how successfully he has brought people together who  once not only critisized  him but also abhorred  him.  They all have accepted him as their leader.  The fact is a leader knows how to rise above the rest despite the differences because he has mastered the art of persuasion.

Lesson No 6. One Vision One Goal 
Strong decision followed by uncompromised action.  Tun M wants to bring down the current Prime Minister.  It is evident, Tun M has made his team so focused and has managed to gain public  attention to what he says and does.  His message is precise, clear and people centric, making his goal as the goal of the nation. 

Lesson No 7. Managing Emotions 
This is arguably the most important quality a leader needs.  "It is not the event that decides the outcome; it is how you respond to the event that decides the outcome" is the quote that I find becomes alive every time Tun M is put to test.  We have witnessed him being in the centre of many challenging situations, some of which are very critical of him in nature.  Despite all odds, he has shown his amazing skills and ability, managing his own emotions thereby controlling every situations so well.  Not only that, he walks out as winner in such situations. 

At 93 years old this man has so much yet to offer the country!

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